Barbarian Archetypes

Armored Hulk: Some barbarians disdain the hides and leather used as armor by most of their kin. Instead they master the heaviest of armors, even those created by more civilized people, to gain greater protection and stability in battle. Armored Hulk focus on heavy armor but looses out on the barbarians natural speed and agility. He also focuses on defense, improving his CMD to defend against enemies trying to get past him using brute strength.

Breaker: While most barbarians are skilled at breaking things, some find the need to destroy their surroundings an almost uncontrollable urge when in the middle of a rage. These barbarians are a danger not only to their foes, but also to the very environment around them. The breaker destroys everything in his path, everything is a weapon. He deals extra damage with impromtu weapons, but looses out on mobility.
Example Check 5:20 Mark

Brutal Pugilist: Some barbarians focus on using their bare hands to tear their opponents limb from limb. These brutal pugilists also learn a great deal about various combat maneuvers, using them to cripple or crush their foes. Improved grappling, at the cost of being able to dodge flanking foes and sneak attacks.
Tossing Elephants

Drunken Brute: Barbarians are known for their ability to consume potent drink, but drunken brutes turn drinking into a combat tactic, using the potent liquor to fuel their rage and grant them additional powers. Can drink potions quicker but moves slower.
Punching out camel

Barbarian Archetypes

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