Brotherhood of the Strange Crusade

Not much is truly known of the Brotherhood of the Strange Crusade as they are a very secretive group that functions more like a cult tgen an order. The Brotherhood wear plague doctor gear and use alchemy to cure ailments ocer magic. The Brotherhood is only really kniwn for developing poultices for rare aflictions or surgeries to reattach lost limbs.

The Brotherhood run the black tower of alchemy in Lepidstadt, teaching there craft and ways to those willing to learn. They also have academies in Korvosa’s Acadamae, Absaloms Forae Logos and are co-founders of the Sincomakti School of Science in Versex Ustalav.

Part of there society is to never reveal ones face and cure those whom need help.

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Flesh crafting
Tome of deathless art

Brotherhood of the Strange Crusade

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