Estoic Order of the Palatine Eye

Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye is a very secretive organization thought to be based in Ustalav. The organization works against the Whispering Way and they also recently aided those responsible for defeating Kazavon, a blue dragon, who was styled the Lord of Scarwall.

Members of the Order delve deeply into political and arcane matters; they are sworn to guard Ustalav and its ancient traditions. One of the main works of the Order is the Manual of the Order of the Palatine Eye, which is adorned with the symbol of the Order: a scarab beetle with a single eye image on its back. Besides being obsessed with Orisonology and the study of mummies not much else is known about them.
They were responsible for overthrowing Alphon Cormarc and gaining control over the Vielands.

Frofessor Kranes Notes from Edgewood Inn indicate:

When Aldus Aldon Canter preached of mystical paths to opening the arcane eye of one’s inner god, scores listened and became adherents of his cryptic philosophies. The Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye formed first as a congregation of these spiritualists, but gradually transformed after Canter’s disappearance into a fashionably mysterious club for the idle elite. Through the ages the Palatine Eye has grown beyond the mysteries of its creator and the dalliances of its first lordly members into a venerable society of the wealthy and influential. Fractured into multiple chapter houses, the decentralized order generally seeks to organize local leaders, defend their holdings, share information and favors, and fulfill varied regional agendas, all while paying lip service to the ages-old secrets and rituals of the society’s founders. A favorite bogeyman of paranoid theorists, the group’s supposed feats include guarding ancient treasures, secretly assassinating unpopular princes, committing ceremonial murder sprees, and organizing the Palatinates.

I found a copy of the manual of the Palatine eye. The Manual of the Order of the Palatine Eye is one of the main works of the secretive Ustalav organization called the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye. The deep purple book is adorned with the symbol of the Order: a scarab beetle, made of brass, with a single eye image on its back. The covers of the book are lined in polished steel and the book may be locked shut using a key with a triangular shaft. Its contents include discussions of mathematics and the arcane with descriptions of ancient ceremonies, however, the text is written in encoded Varisian to make it very difficult to read. I am finding it difficult to decipher except for the word TABRIS, and something about a book he wrote. I have also manage to detect the use of ceremonial tiles used to represent a temple or shrine may be hidden nearby from university archives and through deductions.This led me to the discovery of the orision like mummy tomb which was heavily protected with traps. I am not sure what the significance of the mummy in the cult, but I am eager to find out. The tiles themselves depict a man escalating in good fortune as he rises in the order, while another man falls from grace into poverty and finally death for betrayal or treachery against the order.

I have managed to decifer several of the strange glyphs that the order uses to communicate

Nebuchadnezzar ii stamps cuneiform2
Nebuchadnezzar ii brick stamps cuneiform

Strange tile mosaic of the order

24752 medium

The following mosaics represent a man growing in power, wealth, reputation, importance as he progresses through the order. From what is know such mosaics have 9 tiles of wealth as one raises in prestige and standing within the order



The unbroken wheel by orionartist d37eey8

The following mosaics depict a man falling out of grace within the order. He is stripped of title, falls into poverty, cursed by misfortune, his siblings die young, his wife leaves him for another, falling into depression and ill health before death.


A00734 10

A00847 10

A00737 10


Estoic Order of the Palatine Eye

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