Harlequin society

Selling your soul.
Your lips taste burnt and look bloody and your eyes are shattering [earth-shattering mind-shattering heart-shattering] and your lungs soak up cigarette smoke like it’s the softest breeze on a rainy day and sometimes you start to feel like you’re suffocating

and your fingers constantly trace the sweat-stained, beer stained, blood-stained countertops and you’re forever lit by those dim, sickly yellow bar lights and the only thing that will ever make your toes curl and your heart race is destruction and sometimes people will look into your perfect, broken face and know what you’ve done and your heart will forever lust after the piece of it that’s lost.

you’ve been duly warned. sign on the dotted line.

Fame and power by tom preston

The Devils Ballet

The rain beat down Pitter patter patter pitter. I looked at him then My demonic sitter.

Watching me was he With eyes a glow Walking round and round Pacing to and fro.

Using my hair He picked me up Then slammed me down Like an old china cup.

Screaming at me Quite angerly Spat in my face Laced with jealousy.

My life was mine Once upon a time. Selling your soul, Is such an evil crime.

Stroking my face Oh, so tenderly Sharp claws Cut into me easily.

My soul is his now I hear laughing in my ear I’m ready to go I know no fear.

Claws tracing down my back Ripping me apart Eating my body Holding my heart.

My soul escapes He takes it in With a putrid breath I am just another sin.

Danger signals Scream through my brain Life is over I’ve gone insane.

Bugs crawl in And then back out Of my eye sockets I am dead, this don’t doubt.

Hell isn’t really too bad Or so they say It’s hot and fiery Everything is grey.

Days drag on Screaming in silence I laugh wickedly I spit in defiance.

Sell not your soul To this demonic one You’ll only see evil The demon has won.

I’ve left this Earth I’m dead and gone My life is over Never again will I see the

Harlequin society

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