Recovered by Viktor at Cormarcs Manor.

My Dear Count,

I have enjoyed our most recent discourse on the nature of the spontaneous creation of certain types of undead. In my many years of study on the subject, I have also attempted to discern the secrets from my own study of Osirian remains, those hulking mummies so prevalent in that desert environ. Perhaps when I travel back to the north country I will regale you with stories of my exploits in that dusty land. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed your company in person. Although I have grown greatly from the student I once was, the time I shared with you and Petros in study and event disagreement is one I shall always cherish. However, I digress from the purpose of this current missive. Some retainers of mine have business in Lepidstadt in the coming weeks, and I was hoping to impose upon your intellect and unique point of view. They will be carrying a rather curious Tome, and I would love to have your learned opinion of it. If it is not too much of an imposition, please expect visitors toward the end of the month.

Regards, Adivion Adrissant

Recovered by tarkys finley outside of Ravensgro

Cracked leather bound journal inscribed with “Balthazar Grimburrow” inside the cover. The journal begins with dates 12 years ago and contains notes and thoughts regarding weapons and armor training. The next section contains detailed notes on the anatomy of orc kind, tactical information regarding combat with orcs, followed by notes of many battles the writer described in awful detail. Reading the journal further, you realize that the writer spent several years in Lastwall fighting with the orc hordes. The writing style changes, however, and becomes more erratic and sloppy after one particular incident: “

I survived. I do not know why or how. My entire host was wiped out, though only a few bodies remain on the blood soaked hill where we made our stand. I try to remember details, of the things with gray skin…fangs everywhere…why am I so hungry? Why am I alive? Why have I not been allowed my peace in Pharasma’s Boneyard? Burning with hunger, and the only meat nearby still wear the standards of Lastwall, my hosts. Perhaps just a little meat, to ease my starvation…”

“I need to go home…my father will help. Answer my question-why has Pharasma forsaken me? The meat was so good, so filling, I must eat my fill before the long road back to Ravengro.”

“Father turned me away! The haunted look in his eyes…he had no answers for me! I have nothing now. Why did he not help me? Damn you Pharasma! Still so hungry…”

“These caves…feel safe here, in the dark. Had more meat today…couldn’t eat it fresh, it needed to sit for a day first, so sweet. I suppose the farmer’s wife might miss him, but he will sustain me for weeks…”

“Hatred of Pharasma burns as hot as the hunger…I will have my revenge. The caves…lead under the town. I will bring them all to me. Show them their folly, that their god cares not for them…and I will feed…”

“Took months but their church is no more…my feeding is plentiful, and now I have a host again, troops for my bidding! I hear the word of my father in the fat old priest here, but he can help-magic that restores flesh to bone…sweet rotted meat for my troops…forever!”

From Adivion Adrissant to Kendra

Ms Lorrimer,

Allow me to present to you my warmest regards and deepest regrets upon the death of your father. Petros was a man of great insight, with a keen and enquiring mind. It was perhaps inevitable that it would be his curiosity that brought him low, for his questing ways led him to dark places, and what he lacked in prudence he more than compensated for in courage. Regardless, I shall remember him fondly as one who was almost a peer; as a man of intelligence, tempered but lightly by good sense.

My thoughts are with you, my dear. I trust the path you chose to tread in life shall be a safer one than that of your late father –indeed, I would insist upon it.

With the greatest of respect,

Adivion Adrissant


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