Mendevian Crusades

When Aroden was still a mortal man, he led a charge to eradicate a cult dedicated to the demon lord Deskari. Aroden’s armies were victorious, driving much of Deskari’s host into the Lake of Mists and Veils and purging all the north of Avistan of demonic influence.

However, following Aroden’s death, Golarion drifted into alignment with the Abyss, and the Worldwound, a planar bridge that imposed a demon-haunted wasteland on the once-inhabited frozen fields of North Avistan, was formed. Countless demons swarmed into the lands just below the Crown of the World, laying waste to the barbarian hordes of Sarkoris and marching south toward the outskirts of Brevoy and the River Kingdoms. The clerics and paladins of Aroden and Iomedae, termed the Knights of the Morning, mobilized their forces, marched north to confront and destroy the demonic host, and the Mendevian Crusades began.

In the beginning (4622 AR), the crusades met with considerable success. The demon armies were pushed back to the Worldwound and the nation of Mendev was established along its outermost boundaries. Subsequent crusades have garnered mixed results, and several magical wardstones have been placed around the Worldwound in order to deter future demonic tides. Unfortunately, a new leader has emerged among the demonic host, the powerful balor Khorramzadeh—called the “Storm King.” Khorramzadeh’s forces have destroyed one wardstone, and a fourth crusade has received a rallying cry to combat the Storm King’s assault.


First Mendevian Crusade

The first crusade was called in 4622 AR and met with considerable success. The demons were defeated and pushed back towards the Worldwound, and the border was fortified. The new nation of Mendev was formed.

Second Mendevian Crusade

In 4638 AR the demons counterattacked. Forces led by the powerful marilith Zuhra Apponavicius captured the crusader city of Drezen and killed many of Mendev’s warriors. The Second Crusade was called to combat this menace, and these reinforcements enabled a new front line to be established on the Sellen River. The discover of nexovar allowed the wardstones to be created to prevent future demonic inclusions.

Third Mendevian Crusade

The Second Crusade had contained the demonic threat once more, and it was hoped a third crusade could drive them back. However, balked by the wardstones, the demons had resorted to subtler incursions into Mendev. The Third Crusade stalled in the face of this demonic infestation, wasting its energies in witch hunts, paranoia and internal squabbling. Fortunately, the demons were also too divided to take advantage of this, and the Crusade ended in a stalemate.

Fourth Mendevian Crusade

A new leader has emerged amongst the demons, a powerful balor known as the Storm King. His forces were able to damage a wardstone and cross the frontier, but fortunately the defenders managed to drive them back and repair the wardstone. This worrying development has led to the calling of the Fourth Crusade in order to defeat the Storm King before he has the chance to unite more of the demons under his banner.

Mendevian Crusades

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