Shadowfall Deities and Fractions


Agraddar (NG) charges his followers with the protection of those too weak to defend themselves. Some of his followers rely on strength of arms or magical ingenuity, while others depend on stealth and subterfuge. He urges all his followers to be vigilant in their duties and to practice their craft for the betterment of the community. Agraddar’s more lawful followers tend to defend the cities while his chaotically inclined worshipers protect the areas of a stronghold around the city or in the Outlands. His worship is most prevalent in Blackbat, Bastion and throughout the Razor Mountains in the Outlands. Agraddar’s symbol is a black shield with three stars.

Akaron (LE) commands all followers to brave the night of Shadowsfall to protect order by enslaving every living creature that does not willingly submit to his might and authority. Those of his followers who are more neutral than evil emphasize the virtues of willful submission over that of forced servitude. The Order of the Archkyton teaches that screams of pain and suffering are the gifts of their dark master, and those tormented by the kytons should take orgasmic pleasure in such gifts. Followers of the Paingiver are charged with the destruction of all undead since these unliving creatures cannot feel pain and give Akaron no glory through prolonged suffering.

His worship is strongest in Bloodchain, but Blackbat and Vole’s Deep also see some sizable enclaves of followers. Akaron’s symbol is a spiked slave’s collar.

Andraste (NE) is worshipped by barbarian tribes, the mad screamers that wander the Outlands and non-magic wielding undead alike. Many orc and barbarian tribes that wander the Outlands venerate the Vorpal Hare, reveling in her unsullied savagery. While some screamers may not directly worship her, many believe that Andraste works miraculous deeds by transforming rational creatures into brutal killers. Vampires, graveknights and other undead without much divine or arcane power are numbered among Andraste’s followers. Her holy symbol is a fanged rabbit’s head.

Bendes and Ular (LG), the Twin Gods, are not so much worshipped as they are begged to deliver a good crop and hunt. They demand unwavering cooperation of their followers, be they hunter or gatherer, human or orc, sword wielder or spellcaster. It is said they withhold prosperity from those that cause strife within communities. The Peacemakers, followers of the Twin Gods, work to find amicable solutions to any difficulties that emerge in the strongholds. Whether great or small, a worship center to Bendes and Ular can be found anywhere living creatures reside on Shadowsfall, except at Vole’s Deep. Since the lands changed, taking farms and animals far away, the names of the Twin Gods are considered a curse in this stronghold. Bendes and Ular’s symbol is a pair of black and white humanoids holding hands among bursts of light and darkness.

Calista (CN) urges her free spirited followers to discover and enjoy all the new places absorbed by Shadowsfall. They enjoy the exhilarating rush of fighting an unexpected battle or uncovering an undiscovered dungeon. Followers of the Journeywoman are seldom found in cities, instead favouring the Outlands – specifically within the communities of the Razor Mountains, small hamlets and tribes that move around quickly. Many of them earn their living as guides through the shifting landscape of the plane. Her followers typically include drow, elves, gnomes, ratfolk, bards, rangers and sorcerers. Calista’s symbol is a whirlwind.

Dulé (NG) and the Performer’s Guild are said to give many a reason to continue living in the face of the undead surge when many of the other religions of Shadowsfall are focused on mere survival. The Two- Faced God charges his worshippers with spreading joy, laughter, and song throughout the bleak barren landscape of Shadowsfall. Priests and high ranking Guild members are easy to identify since they frequently wear white face paint or an expressive costume. This is especially true when going into battle, where presentation is just as important as winning. Centers of Dulé’s worship include Blackbat, Gear’s Gate and Kingsgrave. His holy symbol is a smiling mask next to a frowning mask.

Faranel (CG), the Deft Azata, rewards guile and misdirection over brute force. The Hidden Fellowship suggests to its followers that they should act in a good and moral way and use any ill-gotten gains for the betterment of others. They are also well-known for playing practical jokes and finding comical ways to humiliate a rival instead of open bloodshed. When fighting is unavoidable, the Fellowship encourages surprise attacks and ambushes. The Fellowship’s elders encourage the study of illusion magic as well as mundane ways of deceiving one’s foe, reminding members to always look for an opportunity to confound a target. Her worshippers are frequently found in Vole’s Deep, Bastion, and King’s Grave. Faranel’s symbol is an open door.

Hakamitin (LN) stands ready against the darkness of the Shadowsfall night. Revered by military commanders throughout the Southern Peninsula, the clergy, known as the Eternal Regiment, admonish all followers of the Steadfast Deity to practice their trade or skills to perfection. Her faithful view battlefield prowess as a blessing from the deity herself and regard victories against their enemies as a sign of being one of the goddess’s chosen. Worship is concentrated around Bloodchain and Gear’s Gate. Bastion also has a small but vocal group of followers. Hakamitin’s symbol is a fist grasping a sword.

Hekara (CN) is largely considered insane by all except her followers. Even though the Goddess of Mystery does not have a formal church, the Seekers of Truth that stop at her scattered shrines tend to believe that questioning the dark mysteries of Shadowsfall grants forbidden wisdom and forgotten truths. Hekara’s followers include both living and undead and are frequently seen as intermediaries between the two sides. Hekara’s followers are most frequently found in the Outlands; however, the tunnels beneath Vole’s Deep also are home to small enclaves of worshipers. Hekara’s symbol is a brazier holding a black flame.

Orcus (CE), also known as the Demon Prince of Undeath, is heavily worshipped in Splinter Spawn and among the undead throughout Shadowsfall. The highest calling of his followers is to kill the living and reanimate the dead to bring an end to the suffering of the living. Orcus’ few living spellcaster worshippers study both arcane and divine magic, seeking to become intelligent undead such as vampires and liches. Many of the attacks against the living strongholds on Shadowsfall are led by or in some way aided by the Cult of Orcus. Orcus’ symbol is that of a four-horned ram’s head.

Rhodia (N) charges her followers with finding creative ways to survive in such a harsh environment. Her followers are credited with such innovative ideas as squeezing moss for clean water. It is said that the Mistress of the Moss helps her followers by changing diseased or decayed food into something safe to eat. In small communities, the Fellowship of the Moss typically helps manage a community’s resources. When living in a stronghold, her followers are known for their mushroom farms. Blackbat and the area around Kingsgrave are the two strongest centers of worship. Rhodia’s symbol is a purple mushroom.

Sardalia (LN), known to many as the Enlightened One, orders her followers to seek perfection in all they attempt. Many of her followers practice martial arts both in isolated monasteries in the Outlands as well as in the Strongholds. The core belief among the Sardalic Order is that strength comes from cooperation of the community, while a community’s strength comes from the training and dedication of individuals in that community and is tempered by the community’s leaders. Bastion, Blackbat and Gear’s Gate are the largest centers of her worship. Sardalia’s holy symbol is two hands holding a open book.

Slatchak (NE) believes in attacking any threats first before that threat has a chance to strike. To convince others to join their cause, the Assembly of Decisive Action uses fear, coercion, and outright lies. The Resolute One demands that his worshippers take any and all action to prevent danger from befalling the Assembly and the stronghold in which the worshipper is located. The Assembly of Decisive Action in Bastion is one of the chief suppliers of arms to the rebels working within the Bloodchain stronghold. Bastion, Splinter Spawn and Gear’s Gate are Slatchak’s major centers of worship. Slatchak’s symbol is a skull with an arrow through the eyes.

Zyree (N) commands its followers to be fruitful and breed life into Shadowsfall. The Caregiver, being both male and female, teaches that the single best way to put an end to the undead’s domination of the Shadow Plane is to outnumber them. The Halls of Life also places children orphaned by undead attacks with couples that do not or cannot have children – some of which have been rendered mysteriously infertile by overexposure to negative energy, and others who are same-sex partners, yet identify with Zyree’s inherently genderless nature and uphold its doctrine of strength in numbers. Bastion and Gear’s Gate are the two largest centers of Zyree’s worship; however, worshippers can be found in every stronghold and isolated village in Shadowsfall. Zyree’s symbol is a face mask with red lips and a furrowed brow.

Fractions Philosophy

Grey: Those that call themselves “Grey” see themselves as the defenders of life. Their core belief is simple: “We stand between the darkness and the light. We walk in the dark places no others will enter. We defend the bridge so that death may not pass. We live as one. We die as one.” These warrior-poets cherish life and honor while answering to neither government nor deity. They are trained to protect the living, no matter the cost. They often defend provinces in the Outlands as well as the less-fortified villages near the strongholds.

Shadowfall Deities and Fractions

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