Shudderwoods Werewolves

Werewolf Tribes Group of five werewolf tribes living in Shudderwood The werewolves of Shudderwood have a very hierarchical pack structure. For some reason, they have been especially active in the past two weeks.

The five major and common knowledge of the wetewolf packs that live in Shudderwood are:
Silverhides – known for their shining gray fur
Primals – run on all fours and are twice as large as others
Broken Ones – have red fur and shy away from sight
Demon Wolves – worship Jezelda, the demon lord of lycanthropy
Prince’s Wolves – garb themselves as noble wanderers. Covered in pure snow white fur.

Some werewolves like to rely on there natural brute strength and ferocity
Werewolves 0

Some werewolves prefer stealth
Werewolves 1

Some werewolves like to use weapons
Werewolves 2

Some werewolves lay traps and ambushes
Werewolves 3

Shudderwoods Werewolves

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