The Black Company


Little is known of the Black Company except that they were lead by a powerful wizard called the Dominator. More then 1000 years ago the Dominator allied himself with the Whispering Tyrant, and alongside him created a dark empire, shrouded in shadows. Assisted by his sorceress wife, known as Velvet, and the Dominator enslaved ten magical rivals, the Ten Who Were Taken (or just “Taken”). Eventually after a string of failure the Dominator was cut down by rhe Whispering Tyrant. Velvet on the other hand was overthrown by a rebellion led by a Iomeade and knights of the White Rose. Cautioned by Aroden not to kill any Velvet or the Taken, Iomeade had all 11 (Velvet and the taken) buried alive and partially asleep in the remote mountains around Ustalav, with magical enchantments, ghosts and even a dragon to keep them bound.

Only in recent years have legends surfaced about an accursed wizard named Bomanz (Seth Chalk), 100 years ago awoke Velvet in an attempt to learn from her, thinking that he had learned her true name (and would thus be able to bind her to him) from obscure genealogies. Unknown to Bomanz , the name he used to bind the sorceress was that of a dead sister of Velvets, known as Ardath. But with part of the binding being correct (genealogy) she was released her from her imprisonment.

Legends speak of how she freed the Taken and bound them to her will, and turned Bomanz insane binding him in a tomb. It s rumored that Velvet is rebuilding her empire in the shadows of the dark tapestry, to recliam what was stolen. Some of her agents already walk the surface of Glorarion, such as the Comwny of the Black Banner.


The Ten Who Were Taken:

The Limper
The Howler
The Hanged Man

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The Black Company

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