The Puppeteers

The puppeteers.

Puppet master by dezzan d3b7bv2

The puppeteers are neutral observers of the ‘threads’ of life. Puppeteers exist not on the physical plain but on the plain of Iussum where they observe and maintain the threads of time and fate that keep the physical plane together. Throughout history events unfold that sever the threads of fate, allowing the puppeteers to manifest on the physical plane in order to stitch the threads back together. When a puppeteer manifests he manifests in two forms, one being the puppeteer and one being the puppet, the two aspects representing the very nature of the universe… order and chaos.

Manifestation of a puppeteer.

Puppeteer  s workshop by cannedtalent d321rxf

Throughout the land are sleepers, people whose psionic energy allows the puppeteers to awaken and control them. Once awakened a sleeper is known as a believer. When a puppeteer manifests on the physical plane they experience a form of summoning sickness. Puppeteers refer to being manifested as ‘given their strings’ meaning their fate is handed to them from the puppeteer hive mind. A puppeteer who manifests often acts in unpredictable ways, their emotions fluctuating and their psionic power unpredictable. Newly summoned puppeteers may act irrational and dangerous, and it is not until they have firmly grasped their strings and found a thread to follow that their power grounds itself.

We are all. Puppet to someone.

A typical puppeteer carriage
Headless horseman half page by nanya d468uqu

The Puppeteers

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