The Reapers Society

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The reapers society is a guold of vampire hunting hunters. Lead by tarkus finley the reapers are in the Tusk mountains killing Belkzen orcs turned vampires thanks to the night harrowers.

Undead are a scourge upon the living. The vampire hunter believes that the worst of the undead are the ones with unnatural appetites for flesh and blood—things that should persist without feeding, but consume anyway. Vampires and ghouls are especially dangerous because they turn their victims into more of their kind, and just one reckless night-feeder can turn an entire city into a den of undead.

Vampire hunters use their skills and magic to track and slay the hungry dead, walking a fine line between the purity of good magic and the tempting evil of turning dark necromancy against the unliving. Rare even in grim Ustalav, and slain on sight in Nidal and Geb, vampire hunters lead lonely existences under the constant threat of becoming that which they live to destroy.

The Reapers Society

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