The Secret Society of the Whispering End

In the construction of the new court house Lancel convinced his father to build a set of rooms ‘off record’ deep within the foundations. These rooms as described in the map below are to become the secret organisation determined to bring down both the palentine eye and the whispering way. Due to the great expense of this undertaking Elmore Dane, was forced to sell of their old manor. He himself now resides in the court house and this secret base overseeing it’s operations.

Map of the secret society of the wispering end

Secret Society of the Whispering End (Members)

Elmore Dane

Master of whispers
Lancel Dane

Kaiden Octavious
Lyceria Winterbone

Tarkus Finley

Items Stored In facility
  • Empty Jar with the symbol of ‘the whispering way’
  • 1 x Mithril Ore
  • Porcelain Ram, with note attached reading, ‘Though far away, with this we can keep our friends near’
  • 3,000 gp

The Secret Society of the Whispering End

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