Ustalavic Laws

Ustalav, the shape of society
The laws of a nation are influenced by many factors, the nature of the ruling body, the general attitude of the populace, and as a result, what actions are considered to be crimes. This section examines these concepts, looking at the basic elements of the nation itself.

Political Alignment
One of the first things to do upon entering a new nation is to try to identify the general outlook of its systems, or, at least, its government. How strong is the power of law? Is the law used to protect the citizens, or it is used to oppress them?

The alignment of a power center should have a considerable impact on the laws of the land and how they are enforced. The alignment of the majority of the citizens will also play a role; many nations rely on the population to help the guard enforce the laws. Most power centers with strong systems of law will be lawful, but this isn’t always the case. This section assumes that the society has some level of laws and structures; for ideas on life in a truly chaotic power center,

Laws, crime and punishment
Code of Magical Conduct
Laws and Alignment

Ustalavic Laws

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