Sylph Sorcerer


Jace beleren collage by kennysorel


Falkon’s History

His True Birth

Falkon was born 80 years ago at what seemed like an ordinary human birth that you would expect from a couple of commoners. His parents Micah and Yittey where your average peasants who worked hard on their little farm to get by. When Falkon got to the age of three, he began to show signs he might not be so normal after all. Wherever he went, unusual and generally unstable weather seemed to follow. As he became older these shifts in the weather became stronger which started to have an increasingly negative effect for the crops in his parents field. One day there would be torrential rain the next a scorching heat wave. Falkon hated that he was constantly disappointing his parents. He spent days concentrating on the weather at a time without stopping to eat or sleep in hope that he could learn how to control it.

Then one day when he was 13, things changed forever. On what should have been a summer’s day, an old scholar from The University of Lepidstadt in a dark cloke appeared out of the snow. Falkon had been sitting upstairs watching him through the window as he came to knock on the door below. As Falkon’s parents opened the door the Scholar asked if he could speak with their son. Falkon slowly began walking down the stairs feeling vulnerable and afraid.

“You there.” The scholar said to Falkon in a harsh voice pointing a crocked finger, “We have been receiving strongly worded reports at our University from local villagers that you have been causing major disruptions to the weather. This is not some game boy. You are putting people out of business and are continually causing damage to private property. It is time you are held responsible for your crimes!”

“But sir” muttered Falkon twitching as sparks began to flicker between his fingers, “I never mean to do it, it just happens. I have tried to make it stop but it wont.”

The Scholar gave him a dirty look up and down; clearly he thought Falkon was lying. “You damned Sylphs are all the same, trouble makers the lot of ya. On purpose or not, your coming with me, you can’t keep this up, this village deserves the right to grow their crops just as much as any other without you unleashing the elements on it.”

Falkon didn’t know what to say, he gazed over to his parents who had taken a step back from the conversation, appealing to them to defend him, but his father looked angry and his mothers eyes looked distant. She looked as if she had just put up a wall against him. With almost no emotion at all she turned to the Scholar and asked in the tinniest voice “what is a Sylph”

Falkon hadn’t known either but the way the word had turned to venom in his mothers voice made him wonder if he wanted to know. The Scholars face on the other hand turned to disbelief. “ha! Mark my word” he mussed sounding humored, “Your sons a sylph and you never even knew it, ha! Well mam, your son has the blood of the Djinni in him. You see, when a sylph is conceived the spirit of the Djinni, the spirit of air itself becomes part of them. While they still might have a few elements of their parents in them they belong more to the mother of air herself. In the end your belly was just a tool to bring him into this world. Ha! How else did you think he had been messing with the weather all this time”

Falkon’s mum turned back to him, and for a split second he saw relief on her face, and for the briefest moment he felt everything was going to be ok. That was until she spoke. In a voice colder than ice and sharper than steel she said, “You are not my son”. She turned to the Scholar and said “I always wondered why I couldn’t bring myself to love him, I blamed myself time and time again, but now it seems he was never mine to love in the first place. Please, take him away”.

Falkon couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It felt like a dream, he tried to call out to his dad in a last desperate appeal watching as he grabbed his mother’s shoulder and slowly pulled her backwards. He knew then that he had no one to fight for him. He was totally alone. As his insides twisted the world around him became a blur. The last thing he saw was the scholar reaching for a spell book before a bright flash of lightning hit him the chest. In an out of body experience he looked down at his hands. Lightning bursting from his fingertips as his hands moved calmly through the air with minds of their own. It was then he saw his parents fall before him. He felt nothing. He heard a mighty clap of thunder as hail the size of fists began to smash through the windows. He knew was slipping into unconsciousness as the world began to slip into darkness. It was at this moment, surrounded by utter chaos, that Falkon felt the calm of the eye of the storm. For the first time in his life he was at peace, reborn as a child of air.


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