Ulli's faithful 'doggie.'


Hector is 17 years old and is no longer an active combatant.


A young Ulli Gengari heard the yipping of a small wolf late one night during a harsh winter near his home. He ventured out into the dark, ready to kill the animal that would surely lure a predator. When Ulli came across the nearby glade that was inhabited by the yipping pup he came across a scene of cruelty and malice.

The pup’s mother and siblings lay dead in the snow, their mutilated bodies steaming into the cold air and oozing blood into the colder snow. The young wolf-pup was cornered by a juvenile werewolf in his hybrid form, his gnashing claws dripped with the blood of the pup’s family. The youth jeered and laughed at the pup, who squeaked fearlessly and defiantly at the cruel youth.

Ulli felt a great pain in his heart and without a moments hesitation he notched and fired a silver-tipped arrow into the youth’s neck, causing the welp to drop to the ground and howl in agony. The pup stood still, looking at the approaching ranger with great reverance. As he stalked towards the cruel youth, Ulli fired a second arrow and then a third into the body of the writhing teenage werewolf.

Three more arrows pierced its hide before it reverted back to its human form, where it proceeded to cry and beg for its life. The Ranger shouldered his bow and drew his long, curved silver knife and whispered to the youth “You gave this pup lesson in cruelty. It is clear you do not understand cruelty. A teacher must understand what he teach. I will help you understand,” and set about his work.

When he had finished with the teenager’s mangled remains, he scooped up the shivering pup and looked into its yellow eyes. The pup responded by licking a droplet of the werewolf’s blood off the end of Ulli’s nose and wagging its little tail excitedly. Ulli smiled broadly and blinked back a tear before he kissed its forehead and held it close to his chest and took it with him into his home.

Hector ventured far and wide with Ulli through his rangings, right up until a year ago when another wolf injured him in a fight. Unable to kill the friend he rescued from death, Ulli left his dog with Prunus and visits them both frequently.


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