Amarandlon Edasseril

Travelling faithful of Desna the goddess of our journey's


Dressed in expensive and masterworked clothing as if a noble or trying to be one, the elf shows that he is wearing masterworked full elven chainmail from head to feet and resting an enchanted longbow in his hands.

The longbow glows silvery elven script when the sun touches it as if it promises much pain or glory to those its master wishes. The elfs eyes show much wisdom gained from decades of sadness earnt in his fights against Treerazor and his demons while defending his family forest.
The thin body and dirt smeared clothing do not hide the faint smile and wonder of the sights this elf is seeing in the human city of Carrion Hill. On one hand it disgusts him but the other, his goddess has showed him the path to walk.

Sitting crosslegged in his new shrine to Desna it is clear that much worries him about this city and its wide corruption in its rulers. Having handed over his family sword to pay for the Raven knights bond to avoid a prison term, the newly won enchanted longsword rests across his lap instead.


It seems chaos spawn and outsiders are everywhere in the shadows of this filthy city and its head priest twisted by evil. Confusion over the dark path to walk if this city is to be cleansed. Hundreds of people may die in the purge to remove the evil cancer in the hearts of the ruling nobles and churches.

Letting people learn from their own experiences is one thing, but to allow tainted cultists to oppress the commoners goes against all that is good. I feel Raven knight is close to declaring a crusade to restore order while the other heroes are all suffering some forms of insanity that clouds their judgement here.

They are only humans so I shouldnt care so much if they are all purged to cut this rot out. I have seen what happens if demonkind makes inroads in a city. I shall pray for guidance and ask the lady what path i should take by dawn on the morrow.

Amarandlon Edasseril

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