Basic Kingdom Likeness

Inner Sea

Absalom = A place for sprawling urban adventures; the city at the center of the world. Contains a stone to become a god. Envy of many nations.

Alkenstar = The low-magic, gun-friendly land. Cowboys and Machinations

Andoran = A good guy nation worth defending. Camelot, but with eagle knights.

Belkzen = orc-land/Mordor

Brevoy = feudal wars ala Birthright go here

Cheliax = a devil’s paradise with byzantine politics and backstabbing, yes vaguely similar to Italy if the Vatican were really as bad as Jack Chick would have you believe.

Druma = mercantile oligarchy — fight the power or strike it rich

Five Kings Mountains = dwarf-land

Galt = French revolutionary swashbuckling land

Geb = Undead land

Hermea = Mysterious land ruled by a gold dragon; put utopia-gone-terribly wrong stories here

Irrisen = Fantasy russia complete with Baba Yaga and witch queens

Isger = The colony trying to escape its decadent and disinterested masters

Jalmeray = The kingdom of the impossible; magical Madagascar where anything is possible

Katapesh = Desert of Desolation-esque adventures go here

Kynonin = Kingdom of the elves

Land of the Linnorm Kings= Mythic viking adventures

Lastwall = Good guys ready to stop the ancient evil that will emerging real soon. A great place to recruit the army you’ll need for the end of an epic save-the-world campaign.

Mediogalti Islands = Island controlled by SPECTER-like evil organization of mantis themed assassins.

Mendev = Paladin-land

Molthune = Build-your-own-colony plots go here

Mwangi Expanse = Tarzan-land meets the Lost Continent

Nex = The homeland of the world’s (now missing) greatest wizard; great place to say artifacts and magic breakthroughs come from

Nidal = Where the Shadows Lie; put your shadow-plane invasion plots here

Nirmthas=Rugged frontiersman fighting foreign encroachment

Numeria=Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, the nation

Osirion=Mythic Egypt

Qadira=1001 Arabian Nights happen here

Rahadoum=Plots about throwing off the despotism of the gods go here

Razmiran=A nation controlled by an evil conspiracy masquerading as a theocracy; they must be stopped!

Realm of the Mammoth Lords=Cimmeria i.e. Conan’s homeland

River Kingdoms=Build your own kingdom plots (ala Kingmaker) go here

Sargava=The last civilized outpost on the edge of the great jungle

Shackles=Pirates of the Carribbean

Sodden Lands=Hurricane-ravaged wasteland, hidden islands and sunken civilizations go here

Taldor=Westeros of “Game of Thrones” fame

Thuvia=Plots about immortality or lotus eaters (greek mythology) go here

Ustalav=Ravenloft, gothic horror land, evil dead

Varisia=The Borderlands, adventure-land (seriously … just about any of the other plots can be transported and crammed into here)

Worldwound=Demon Invasion ground zero

Dragon Empires

Amanandar=A western kingdom in the East; Stranger in a strange land plots go here

Bachuan=Communist China/North Korea

Chu Ye=Oni-land

Darklands of Tian Xia=Underdark meets asian mythologies; Your kung-fu-hero-descends-into-hell plot goes here.

Dtang Ma=mystic Vietnam ruled by sorcerers

Forest of Spirits=land of the kami and their ilk; supernatural wilderness adventures go here

Goka=Hong Kong, gateway to the west; Mortal Kombat tournaments go here

Hongal=Mongolia complete with horselords and endless steppes

Hwanggot=Mythic Korea

Jinin=Displaced elven nation, because everywhere needs elves



Lunghsen=Land of the terra-cotta golem army

Minata=The polynesian/spice islands; eastern ocean adventures go here

Minkai=mystic feudal japan; samurai vs. ninja goes here

Nagajor=Mysterious land of the serpent men

Po Li=Old china after the fall of the emperor

Quain=Land of a Thousand Heroes; kung-fu land

Shaguang=the magical Gobi desert

Shenmen=Chinese Ghost Story, the nation

Shokuro=Ronin-land; Seven Samurai-esque adventures go here

Tianjing=land of temples and mystics

Valashmai Jungle=mysterious jungles of the east; put your death cults and ancient ruins here

Wall of Heaven=The Himilayas complete with yetis, a portal to the plateau of Leng and monasteries full of ancient wisdom

Wanshou=Post-apocalytic kraken-ruled swampland(!)

Xa Hoi=The land ruled by eastern dragons

Xidao=aquatic nation; put your undersea adventures here

Zi Ha=Mystic Tibet

Basic Kingdom Likeness

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