pass since 4606 ar, and the foreseen Age of Glory has not materialized. No mortal knows why, and few still struggle with the questions of what might have been had things gone as prophecy claimed they would. The Harbingers of Fate are among those few. The Harbingers were founded in 4648 ar by Lord Garron, an ousted noble of Cheliax and faithful follower of Aroden. A mercenary and adventurer, Lord Garron discovered the Book of 1,000 Whispers, a tome of prophecies predicting events from 4604 ar to 4714 ar. Seeing that those predicted to come to pass before 4605 ar had done so, Lord Garron became convinced that if he could make a prophecy from his book come true, he could re-write fate and bring about the Age of Glory, and possibly even the return of Aroden. He created the Harbingers of Fate, a secret group of believers in the book’s veracity, and tasked them with ensuring that one of the destinies outlined within came to pass.

Lord Garron’s daughter Lady Arodeth continues his work to this day. Publicly the vapid inheritor of a mercenary company called the Band of Blades, in fact she is a cunning politician and manipulator who will stop at nothing to force the Age of Glory to arrive, heralded by a prophecy she makes come true. She knows that she has just 6 years left before the Book of 1,000 Whispers runs out of predictions, and to make matters more urgent, most of the prophecies in the book are
gibberish. Even so, her Harbingers secretly seek out people, places, and things that might, if viewed correctly, meet the terms of some divination written down more than a century ago. If they find a likely hero of a prophecy, be it “a princess of the north, with one eye of fire and the other emerald,” or “a child never born, raised by wolves of the arcane,” the Harbingers begin trying to secretly direct this person into situations that could fulfill an ancient prediction.

Indeed, the Harbingers aren’t above making unusual things happen, if doing so might cause a soothsaying to come to pass. If someone matches the description of a person the book says will defeat a powerful minotaur, the Harbingers hire him to go deliver a sealed letter containing a deadly insult to a minotaur clan. If it is written that on a particular day a boat of jade will go down in deep water with all hands, save one infant of great importance, the Harbingers are
willing to paint numerous boats green and ensure each has several infants to carry on missions to dangerous waters. Lady Arodeth has not yet reached the level of sinking the boats herself, though her more dedicated agents have begun to consider such extreme measures. Though the Book of 1,000 Whispers has been the guidebook for the Harbingers for decades, Lady Aroden considers it only one option. She also sends agents to investigate any rumors of old transcripts of prophecies for the current era, or claims that some spellcaster or sage can predict the future.

She maintains the Band of Blades both as a cover for sending her agents abroad and to earn funds for the Harbingers’ more expensive efforts. Though the Harbingers often set up targets to act as heroes, thus bringing peace and safety to some small villages and travelers, they have also created villains and hazards just to see if anyone can overcome them in a manner consistent with some prognostication. Such methods are acceptable to Lady Aroden, as she considers the end goal—the arrival of the Age of Glory and the possible resurrection of Aroden—to be worth questionable means.


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