Far to the southwest, amid the fir-crowned hills and sparkling rills of the Shudderwood, far from the Worldwound itself, there is rumor that its taint has corrupted the local fey, or perhaps that fey creatures native to the Abyss supplanted those nature spirits and assumed their place. Woodsmen and hunters still brave the forest, but an ever-increasing number who venture beneath its boughs do not return, especially those who stray too close to pristine Lake Kotalya, so named for the nymph who guarded it (and who perhaps still does).



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The heart of the tree

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Rangers often speak of dreams about the heart of Shudderwood, a large tree that is far larger then any other found in the wood. Those rangers that claim they have seen it always have trouble remembering its exact locations. The last thing msany remember seeing is a beautiful dark mysterious woman. Some rangers also talk about the trees moving and singing, in particular a treant that gets drunk on distilled honeybrew.

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