Starday Desnus 5th 4712

University of Lepidstadt Gazeteer

Beast Horrors put to an end
Commuters rejoice, the Beast of Lepidstadt has been captured. Last night, when the moon was at its peak, Sergeant Nikki Heat of the Lippstadt Peacekeeper Wardens accidentally stumbled upon the flesh creation while it was hiding in an alleyway along Unicorn Avenue. Blowing her signal whistling for support, Heat manage to prevent the creature from escaping until backup arrived. Cornered, the beast attacked in a ferocious frenzy before it was subdued with several nets and alchemical reagents designed to put night time revellers to sleep.

We asked Heat what it was like to face the creature believed to have been responsible for the death of more then 32 local citizens, spanning a spree of more then 22 years. Heat had this to say – “I was surprised how anodyne the creature was. He seemed to just be looking for food, and got defensive when I approached. The creature initially tried to flee, but when that was not an option, things got violent. I was just glad during the confrontation that no one was hurt. When backup arrived, we manage to subdue the beast without to much trouble. It is refreshing to know that the Wardens are making a difference on our streets”.

Heat also later said “I cannot take complete credit for the capture, rather I credit the capture of the Beast to the many long hours and manpower that went into interviewing witnesses, stakeouts and patrols”. The Wardens have increased patrols, ever since the robbery of an artefact from Lepistadt University. The loss off the Seasage Effigy is expected to be a dramatic blow to the Universities antiquities department. Eye witness accounts surrounding the theft point there fingers towards the beast being responsible for the theft.

However, conflicting reports also suggest men and women in dark black robes were responsible. Nevertheless, with the beast now securely in chains in the lower dungeon beneath the courthouse, I am sure as you will agree, we will all sleep a little more soundly tonight to know that the creature is behind bars. A trial is expectative announced soon, but not before University staff confirm the creatures race and origin. It is believed that Chief Justice Ambrose Khard, Judge Kasp Aldaar and Judge Embreth Daramid will be overseeing the trial. Those citizens we have spoken with expect it to be a short and straightforward trial. Infact a pyre is already being prepared for the beasts inevitable conviction outside the courthouse. It is believed that the city will come to a stand still during the execution, with more then half the city expected to show up to the event.
Reporter – Kitty Valentine

Hero’s of Harrowstone
Ravensgro, a small town to the south in Canterwall is resting a little easier this month after a band of heroes saved the province from a horde of restless spirits. Restless spirits of Harrowstone, a local prison that burnt down nearby the town over fifty years ago, was believed to be the responsible and at the heart of the paranormal activity. For those who don’t know, the body of Petros Lorrimor – previous professor of the darks arts at the university – was found in Harrowstone over month ago. Our own research has discovered that some of the most dangerous criminals in Ustalav were inhabitants of the prison when burnt down. The criminals know as the Lopper, the Mosswater Marauder, the Splatterman, the Piper of Illmarsh and Father Charlatan died in the fire. All five murders were sentenced to death row at Harrowstone before it burnt down.

We have since learnt the hero’s are making there way to Lepidstadt, or may infact even be in the city right now. Locals should be on the lookout for a halfling paladin of Sarenrae – Ecthelian, an Inquisitor of Pharasma – Tarkus, a swashbuckler – Darnys and an alchemist – Victor Von’Drake a professor of the University.

We can all show our support by shouting the mighty hero’s if they are in your local tavern a tankard or two of mead. Two others; Father Ezekial of Pharamsa and Stonecrow of the Moon tribe unfortunately sacrificed themselves to save the town. A memorial has been erected in Ravensgro town hall to commemorate their achievements. Several other adventurers are also believed to have had a hand in cleansing the prison. We should all be so lucky to know such brave individuals.
Reporter – Maney Gwilt

Orc Travellers beware, Belkzen threat said to increase
Sketchy reports are coming in from Canterwall’s border, of orc raiders. Folk of Foreguard fort report sightings of a fireworm in the Tusk Mountains. When rangers of Tamrivena’s went to investigate they noticed the lights in the mountains were infact a large gathering of orcs with torches. The orcs seem to be gathering under the banner of the Flayed Skull, a suspected monstrous orc warlord with the taste for flesh and blood. Captain Rhaskikan of Tamrivena’s is already preparing his men for battle.

Tamrivena’s militia has been summoned to ensure the city is well protected. Travellers are advised to take caution when adventuring or travelling anywhere near the mountains. A spokesperson for the Silverstone Hill trading company said “it will not suspend its mining and trading operations in the mountains, despite the reports”. With the Beast of Lepidstadt captured, the Peacekeeper Wardens have vowed to expand there patrols to the west, to ensure travellers are well protected within the borders of the Vielands. The temple of Desna is already preparing emergency accommodation and stockpiling weapons, armour and healing supplies should a full scale invasion occur.
Reporter – Lois Lane

Lab Pharasma Outraged
The Pharasma church is outraged with recent information surfacing that the Philosophers stone created by “The Black Eagle” Is believed to have the capabilities to be able to warp flesh. White necromancers of Pharasma have objected to the practice, since the university has practiced mutating flesh on the bodies of donated cadavers. The university has defended its position in a written statement, stating “it is ordinary in the pursuit of new science to practice such techniques on organic material. The most pure source of organic material comes from the recently deceased. The university for some time has offered local citizens the chance to aid in the development of new treatments for the sick, elderly, malformed and the cursed, by donating there bodies to science. It is a natural progression for the university to trial such treatments on cadavers”.

When we asked the Holy Sister of Justice, the Pharasma priestess who ensure the court rooms remain free from magical influence her opinion, she had this to say. “Pharasma is the stern observer of life and death, scrutinizing the tangled webs of fate and prophecy, mercilessly cold in the administration of her grim duties. Having seen infants die, the righteous fall too soon, and tyrants live to advanced age, we as servants make no judgment about the justness of a particular death and welcomes each birth.

At the moment of birth, only Pharasma knows where a particular soul will end up, but she reserves her official verdict until the last possible moment, as she knows prophecies can be wrong or fail completely. As agents we believe in fate and predestination, but understand the need for vagueness and misinterpretation to allow for the illusion of free will among all mortals. But what we will not tolerate is the desecration of the dead. All in true death (not capable or willing of resurrection) deserve the sanctity of the grave and the world beyond. The university threatens to not only tarnish the memory of the dead, but defile them as well. Therefore I urge all races to ensure the sanctity of true death by not donating their body to the University for research purposes. Only through a burial within the confines of Pharasma dogma can a body be truly protected from necrotic arts“.

In response, “The Black Eagle” of the University said “We are close to being able to transfer one form of living tissue to another. To do so would be a great achievement. We are excited at the possibilities ahead of us. We believe that is within our reach within the next two or so years to be able to transfer and graft a healthy organ from a recently deceased person to a terminally ill patient, to save their life. It is only natural for temples to threatened by such research as it threatens to disable the monopoly on cures and remedies currently held by temples. Not everybody is born rich, and apparently according to Pharasma doctrine we all have an inescapable fate. What this research offers is a option to patients to choose an alternative treatment not monopolised by local religions”. The issue is expected to be resolved in the courthouse.
Reporter – Tomas Beckart

Dark arts faculty Announcement
Dr. Montagnie Crowl is said to be sworn in as the new professor of the Darks arts at the University later today. The coronation ceremony is said to be held this afternoon at auditorium A1. All students and staff are encourage to see Dr Crowl sworn in. We asked Dr Crowl his thoughts on the matter.

“I am both a lucky and privilege man to be able to following the steps of a great predecessor. Although many held doubts about Professor Lorrimors questionable curriculum. Some have even gone as far to dub he man a necromancer. I am here to dispute such claims. With introducing students to the truth behind the occult of different religions, teaching them the basic philosophies and dogma of different occults, students are better armed to make informed decisions when forced to deal with such religions in life. The university does not in any way condone the practice of the occult taught at the university outside of the classroom”.

Dr Crowl is still in the process of repairing the auditorium and museum dedicated to the Dark arts after a spree of break ins destroyed allot of the core curriculum’s library, lab, utensils and learning apparatus.
Reporter – Fanny Doe

The Crooked Kin Final Showcase
Commuters of Lepidstadt are encouraged to see final showcase of the “Crooked Kin” before they return to Celiphas. The travelling circus and freak show has a variety of performances design to entertain even the most heartless shrew. Over the last few weeks the flea man, the bearded lady, the pin heads, the caterpillar man, the wolf child, the vurdrani princess and the giant man have wowed audiences with their wacky and bizarre performances. Furthermore the travelling performers also offer private shows for a number of weeks before they leave. Kaleb Hesse the ringmaster for the performers said “I have enjoyed the wonders of Lepidstadt, especially performing in the Dryads opera house. Lepidstadt has some of the best facilities in all of Ustalav. I welcome all Lepidstadt folk whom enjoy having some fun and games to seek us out at the carnival of tears“. The Carnival of tears will be open for another month until Wealday 6th Sareninth.
Reporter – Fanny Doe

The Night Cat
Criminals beware, a new hero stalks the roof tops at night. The new vigilante dubbed by locals as “The Night Cat” is responsible for foiling a number of mugging attempts around the “Lucky Tankard“. Witnesses report of a figure covered in black leathers, with a black cloak dropping from rooftops and saving them from would be thieves. Due to most witnesses doing there ancestors proud, drinking to much ale, testimonies differ as to the sex of the vigilante. However one thing remains clear, the Night Cat has stirred up many of the local thieves guilds, whom have purportedly put out a significant bounty for any information regarding the vigilante.

The Peacekeeper Wardens have publicly condemned the Night Cats actions, stating that “Vigilantism will only lead to increased violence on the streets. It is important for his or her own safety to stop such actions before they are hurt”. The Wardens have released a reward for any information regarding the true identity of the Night Cat. The investigation is said to continue.
Reporter – Tomas Beckart

Experiment Gone Wrong
Yesterday an experiment went wrong in the C1 auditorium. Professor Gordon Winchester was at the heart of the fiasco. For those who don’t know Winchester, he is more famous for his studies on black powder. His research on the splatter patterns of goblin sappers was often criticized because of its brutality. It seems the ruckus was as a direct result though the trying to replicate similar studies on the arcane. Apparently, the professor of New and old sciences, explosives and machinations was trying to demonstrate how black powder machinations and firearms can be combined with magical arts to channel effects. The goblin test subject, only identified as Slugdung, was supposed to have an arcanic spell of reduce person cast on the creature through a firearm.

However when the goblin was instead enlarge by the spell, students knew something was wrong. Slugdung the goblin then went on a rampage attacking students with books, alchemical apparatus and stationary. With extensive damage done to the auditorium. Winchester now faces a tribunal hearing on ethical behaviour and student safety associated with his lectures.
Reporter – Lois Lane


Sarta’s Lexicon
Myths and fables, revealing the truth behind ancient stories (2 equipment bonus to knowledge history) 600gp
Monstrous species (
2 equipment bonus to monster lore checks) 600gp
High society etiquette (2 equipment bonus to knowledge noble) 600gp
Mechanical Mayhems (
2 equipment bonus to disable device versus mechanical trap checks) 600gp
Contortionists, escaping the inescapable (2 equipment bonus to acrobatics checks) 600gp
Code phrases (
2 equipment bonus to linguistic checks) 600gp
Translators book to undercommon (equipment bonus that provides undercommon as a bonus language) 600gp
Advanced guide to religious dogmas (+4 equipment bonus to monster lore checks) 2,000gp
Book of the Loremaster (APG) 16,500gp
Blessed book X2 13,200gp

Crownfire Emporium
Horn of fog 2,200gp
Amulet of Natural armour +1 X3 2,200gp
Stone salve 4,000gp
Boots of levitation 8,250
Ioun stone of Torch (APG) X10 150gp
Glowing glove (APG) x2 2,200gp
A copy of all +2 stat modifiers (Eg headband intellect +2) 4,400gp
Handy Haversack X4 2,200gp
Bottle of air X2 8,500gp
Cloak of resistance +1 X4 1,100gp
Goggles of the night 13,200gp
Portable hole 22,00gp
Braces of armour +1 x2 1,100gp
Helm of underwater action 26,440gp
Cloak of the bat 28,660gp
Crystal ball 46,200gp
Wings of flying 59,400gp
Golem manual, stone guardian 48,400gp
Boots of teleportation 75,000gp

Devil Fang Smiths and Traders
All Core rulebook weapons with a +1 enhancement bonus. There is a 50% chance any non core book weapon is in stock with a +1 modifier. There is a 25% chance an item requested with a specific +1mdifier ability is in stock This degrades by 5% for every weapon ability modifier above +1 (25% +1, 20% +2, 15% +3 etc). Eg Bane +1 25%, Holy +1 20%, Speed +1 15%.For specific items there is only a 15% for minor (eg Javelin of lightning), 10% medium (Trident of warning) and 5% major Holy avenger) All weapons have a 10% markup from core books.

The Black Spider
All melee, range or exotic weapons master worked. Excludes all advanced firearms. There is a 25% chance that any item requested is in stock in either alchemical silver or cold iron. All have a 105 markup.

Darvars Forge (Ultimate Combat p 143)
Dry Load Powder Horn 2,200gp
See Invisibility Sight 13,200gp
Black Powder 10gp/1 dose
Bullets 1gp each
Alchemical cartridge
- Dragon breath 40gp each
- Entangling shot 40gp each
- Paper 12gp each
- Flare 10gp each
- Salt shot 12gp each
Rifle 7,700gp
+1 Pistol 3,300gp
+1 Dragon pistol 3,300gp
+1 Musket 3,850gp
Gunsmith Kit 15gp

Swifts Smithy
Same as the Devli and Fang smithy, except for armour.

Alsa’s Rare Treasures
Ring of Water walking 16,500
Ring of Sustenance X2 2,750
Ring of feather fall X2 2,320
Ring of Blinking 29,700gp
Ring of Manical devices (APG) 2,750
10% chance of having requested staff or rod
All Level 1 scrolls, 75% chance to have requested lv 2, 50% lv 3, 40% lv 4, 25% lv 5, 20% lv 6 and 10% lv 7.

Ahnarimm’s Apocethary
Cauldron of brewing (APG) 3,300gp
Cauldron of resurrect (APG) 36,300gp
All potions at a 10% markup

Starday Desnus 5th 4712

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