Weakday Desnus 9th 4712

Beast Defence Selected

Cage blundee
The defence for the trial of the beast have been selected. Barrister Gustav Kaple and Attorney Magistrate Kaiden Octavious. The trial is expected to last at least three days with Barrister Otto Hieger as the acting prosecutor for the case. Evidence will be heard from residents of Morasts, previous residents of Hergstag and survivors from the fire at Sanctuary. Extra guards have been posted strategically around the courthouse amongst fears that the case could turn sour, with the majority of Lepidstadt citizens upset that a trial was conducted in the first place, with such an obviously guilty party. Sheriff Cage Blundee overseeing the security of the courthouse, with many of the guards taking up residence at the courthouse over the trial period.

Nevertheless, the trials is being conduced in accordance with the jurisdiction of the Phrasma Temple. Rumours speculate that several adventurers have been hired to defend the beast, aiding the defence in gather evidence for the defence, From what the Gazeteer has heard, the adventurers consist of a joint task force of surviving members of the heroes of Harrowstone and ex adventurers of the circle of the nine blades. Despite this, continued protest outside of the courthouse are expected to grow in strength and number. We have been urged by Sheriff Blundee to issue a call for calm from all citizens, advocating peaceful protests. Blundee had this to say, ”I urge all citizens to say away from the courthouse for there own safety. Those who are there are encourage to protest in a peaceful manner. Any unruly behaviours or vigilantism will be met with swift force and response… True justice will only come from a fair and just trial. We have a legal system and laws to ensure our legal system remains unmolested from bias and protect minorities, to not have such system would result in anarchy”.

Amongst Blundee’s fears are for the safety of several freaks from nearby Carnival of Tears whom regularly show up to support the beast, sharing the pain of being outcasts in there local communities. We will monitor the progress of the trial closely.

Demonic Werewolves Spotted in Shudderwood

Sketchy reports are coming in from outlying farmsteads on the edge of the Vielands of demonic werewolves attacking local farmsteads. It is believed local farmers are not killed, but are instead dragged off into the woods. The druids cabal, members of the Green Faith are in crisis, loosing all contact and negotiations with local werewolf tribes of the woods. Some of the druids speculate the werewolf tribes are recruiting to quell a threat against them in the woods. Others point the finger towards a failure on behalf cabal leadership to secure the safety of the werewolves, whom have had to resort to desperate measure. Some cabal members suggest the werewolves are becoming more territorial. While a local herbalist who continually fathers herbs nearby the forest suggest it is a new form of lycanthrope that has driven the werewolves insane. It is clear that the cabal is divided on the issue with many stating “Let nature run its course”. Others condemn the action saying it is putting innocent lives at risk.

We spoke to Katrina Bouche, an eye witness to an abduction of her father, Derrick. She had this to say. ”We have spoken with the werewolves of the wood before in the past, even trading with. We have never had any troubles with them until now. They had been friendly, even protecting our farm one time from a bunch of gremlins whom were threatening to burn down our farm unless we handed over all our valuables. But late last full moon, naught two days ago, a huge werewolf with smoky black fur and twisting antelope horns coming out of his forehead, burst into our home and took my father with them. His eyes were red, like the stories I had heard of as a little girl about demons. His armour was covered in black spikes and he had a dark aura around him, full of hate and malice. A thirst for revenge. I managed to make out two of there names during a conversation I overheard while I hid in a nearby spice barrel. I heard the names Adimarus and Ironcrow”.

She was quite upset about the ordeal and said she was lucky to survive it. Just shear luck that her scent was masked by the spices of the barrel she jumped into. She is currently staying with relatives.

After questioning the cabal and members of the Green Faith regarding the two names of the werewolves responsible for the abduction, we managed to work out the culprits full names, Adimarus Ionacu and Ironcrow of the Moon Tribe orcs. Adimarus Ionacu is a paladin of Sarenrae who went missing 19 months ago, and Ironcrow is the leader of a relatively friendly orc tribe of the Tusk Mountains. The druids cabal are expected to conduct here own investigation into the matter, with the Green Faith overseeing the Cabals investigation.

Corvin Tergsvor Scandal

Corvin Tergsvor is enjoying an extended stay at Ascanor lodge due to his indiscretions. A dissolute young poet and something of a black sheep by those whom personally know him, Corvin was involved in a minor scandal when he engaged the young wife of a wealthy courtier, Gabe Molockery in the upstairs bedchambers of his father’s manse during his fathers engagement dinner ball. The indiscretion has cast shadow over the engagement, with festivities purportedly shut down early due to the incident. It has only surfaced in recent weeks that Rakezel Tergsvor is concerned for his family’s name and reputation. Even worse is the scandal has reached the ears of wealthy nobles in surrounding provinces, many of which have had second thoughts about business deals with the merchant conglomerate. Corvin’s status-conscious father is believed have since exiled him to the Ascanor Lodge for his indiscretion. Please be mindful of he young noble if you visit the lodge.

Young Boy Survives Ordeal From Suspected Cultists

A young boy was escorted into the Pharasma Temple this morning in a state of shock. The young boy in his early teens caravan was savagely attacked by men and women in dark black robes. Traumatized, babbling incoherent speech, all the temple has been able to deduce from his ordeal is that he was tacked two days ago, before he was found by a entertainment troupe headed for the Carnival of Tears. We asked the boy, all he managed to say was “dressed in black, they speak in whispers, sinister whispers, dark whispers, they echo through my head…”. With Sanctuary burned down, he will be held at the Pharasma Temple until his psychosis is diagnosed and treated. He is about 13 years old, small and with black scruffy short hair, with freckles and a large birthmark on his upper right shoulder blade. His name is Terran Lorgain. Any relatives of the boy are encouraged to step forward for custodianship.

Pharasma Calls For Inquisition of the Arcane

A shock announcement today as Temples of Pharasma all around Ustalav have called for the inquisition of all arcane caster in the country. We have learnt the inquisition call is not just a national incident, but several other nations have also made the call. Although sketchy at best, the inquisition call was brought to light after the Vault of Souls of Pharasma’s Boneyard was breached by rogue spellcasters. Reports suggest that a rogue league of Aroden worshipers, only known as the “Children of the Reborn Glory” may be responsible. It is unknown what exactly from the vault was taken by the extremists, but keepers of the vault are scouring the land for valuable gems that are purportedly stolen from the vault.

It has been a long term belief that the souls of powerful beings of the departed have been housed in the vault to protect them. But it is unknown except by Keepers of the vault what treasures exists. Although not yet legally compulsory, there is a push from the upper class of the Vielands to forcefully have each arcane caster brought in, questioned and then registered, o protect the religion from rogue extremists. Individual states of Ustalav will convene on the matter, but it is believed that the Vielands may introduce mandatory registration due to the creation of the Beast of Lepidstadt, and the harm it has caused locals. The University is against the proposal stating “It is a depraved invasion of privacy of all arcane casters, which is immoral and will not aid in the Keepers of the Vault investigation. The university is of the opinion such arcane casters should be utilised as a resource to find the stolen gems and bring the guilty parties to justice, not to be questioned like criminals“.

It may take many months of negotiations before a decision is reached. But from what we have learnt from the local temple, we can expect an influx of Pharasma inquisitors to be patrolling the local countryside. Arcane casters are advised to avoid inquisitors on the road, as though they are not operating under legal jurisdiction of national laws, they may treat any arcane users with enmity and suspicion. It is expected that fights may break out between Iomedae, Aroden and Phrasma worshipers over the issue.

Svilennius Tripe Wanted For Questioning into Chymical Zombies

An ex University Graduate Svilennius Tripe is wanted for questioning regarding the gruesome discovery of a number of Ju-Ju zombies found at his house of residents. As the city guard arrived at Mr Tripes residents to arrest him among reports Mr Tripe had been creating chymically enhanced creations, he fled the scene with several of his creations. It is unkown who had been supplying Mr Tripe with prohibited necrotic substances, including needles used to enhance undead creations with intelligence and illegally obtained bodies for which to use in his experiments. Tripe was last seen entering the sewerage system that leads to the main canal to Dipplemere swamp.


Mr Tripe was also seen leaving the scene with the cadaver of Esme Verisi, a local florist whom died over 8 months ago. Her body was never found. Guards whom witnessed Mrs Esme fleeing the scene depicted a sketch (illustrated above). Citizens of Lepidstadt are advised to report any sightings of Mrs Esme or Mr Tripe immediately to local law enforcement officials. Authorities also want the public to report any possible connections Mr Tripe might have had with local thieves, businesses or contacts. A reward for any information as to the capture of Mr Tripe has been issued.

Ancient City of Kestrillon, aka Xin-Grafar Found

Professor Krane of the University of Lepidstadt recently unearthed an ancient tomb of a faithful worshiper of Tar-Baphn. The tomb contained a map to the of Xin-Grafar. The city itself was the treasure hold for the Whispering Tyrant – Tar-Baphon. It is believed the city itself is made entirely out of gold, more gold then all held in Ustalav coffers. Captain Walren, the dwarven captain of the flat-bottomed barge Black Mist will be departing Celiphas in two months time on a voyager to Forts Landing. The voyager will from Caliphas, across Lake Encarthan to the Isle of Terror.

All adventurers interested are asked to sign up on board the Black Mist. The Expedition team will be headed by Esmarelda Dushan (depicted below) a famous priest of Desna. Esmarelda is most notably famous for uncovering forgotten secrets and tombs. Amongst other things discovered by Krane was a gold golem made entirely out of gold. The golem is now on exhibition at the university museum. The golem creations have been dubbed Golden Guardians by Krane, as there major function is to safeguard vaults of the Whispering Tyrant.
Esmarelda Gold golem 

Company of the Black Banner puts an End to Kobold Menace

An unlikely adventuring party has put an end to a kobold menace who had terrorized the small community of Ardagh, in Oradnto a county of Usalav. Locals say the kobold had be spurred on to attack he village driven by a maddened kobold King wielding a devastating weapon of fear. The Company of the Black Banner ended the threat, killing the king and dispersing loyalist to his regime. The company of the Black Banner operate from the Travellers Stop Inn and the Spirit of the Wood inn in Shudderwood. Grelm Hammerlock is there leader. Grelm is a ranger who usually wears all black, including his scale mail and cloak. His belt has tiny skulls embossed upon it.

Other members include Nirashi Sylvanmede an elf cleric of Urgathoa. Nirashi is a thin and pale elven woman with nearly white hair worn long and loose. As a cleric of Urgathoa, the Pallid Princess, Nirashi is known for her seductive aspect of strength and magic . She believes such traits are the rue intention of her goddess.

Knu is a goblin rogue, He wears a dark, hooded cloak that covers his face to avoid notice.

Finally extremely lazy, Byron “Pudge” Whartley chose magic as the path of least physical labor. He has a large paunch and is in poor physical condition, earning him his nickname. He holds his place in the group through magic alone and whines constantly about the rigors of adventuring.

The Company of the Black Banner are new to the adventuring scene, but are quickly growing in popularity due to there recent successes. The company are suspected of looking for a buyer for the powerful artefact they procured from there adventure.
Black banner

Pharasma oracle killed

A Pharsma oracle by known locally as the speaker, was killed during a confrontation at Vorkstag and Grines Chymic works. Several mongrel men were captured fleeing the warehouse. It is still unsure what exactly happened at the factory, but it is believed that a warrant was issued and an investigation of the premises was undertaken under council authority. His funeral is yet to be announced.

Weakday Desnus 9th 4712

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